Betty M M Wong

Richmond Hill, ON


Betty has been painting for several decades, first with Chinese ink, then watercolour and acrylic. She was inspired by many teachers during her art journey, both in Hong Kong and Canada and has never stopped taking workshops to develop her art, even during her working years. A self learner, and now retired and living in Canada, she has been painting full time. With more time at hand, she has been exploring new subjects and techniques and continues to challenge her own creativity.

"My greatest love is still watercolour, a medium which gives me enormous versatility and freedom, as well as a lot of surprises and the best of all, the unexpected. I do not associate myself with particular subject matters as I need the stimulation of doing something different from time to time, whether it is with style, subject, or technique ...", she said. That explains the great variety of subjects in her work. Her paintings display a strong sense of joy and optimism and her lovely colours are always the main thing that strike viewers.

Abstract art to her is the most personal form of painting. Whatever hit her the moment she applied colour was never planned and she finds this intuitive painting technique very relaxing.
Betty has won numerous awards in juried shows and has exhibited her works in many occasions with lots of positive feedback. She is a Signature member of the Bayview Watercolour Society and is active in the local art scene in the Greater Toronto area. She has also taught seniors to paint at the Carefirst Adult Day care centre in Richmond Hill and greatly enjoyed the process when she saw her mature students stimulated in their creative process.

"If people's day can be brightened after seeing my art, this is already very gratifying." she said. Her work can be viewed from her websites at http://bettymm--wong.artistwebsites.com and http://www.redbubble.com/people/bettymmwong. Recently, she opened an on-line store BettyFineArt at Etsy.com. She also shares her work on Facebook at www.facebook/artistbettywong.


Floral and trees


Landscape and Sceneries


Abstract and Inspirational

Buildings and Cityscape

Boats and Seascape

Still life and others


Chinese paintings